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What’s Good The Concept

Hi Guys, Today In the Mike I want to Talk about a company I’m starting up. Its called what’s good. Basically its going to be an online magazine that doubles up as city and lifestyle guide as well as a community for people who want to blog about there interest/talents/passions you name it. What’s Good … Continue reading

K’naan Talks at UBC

Thanks to UBC Terry Global Speaker Series K’naan will be speaking at UBC Next friday September 24th 2010. “He will be visiting UBC students by sharing with us his experiences as a Somali immigrant to Canada, his reflections on peace and conflict, and the power of music. His talk will be followed by a question … Continue reading

Mikes Top Ten Summer Reads: Business

Today in the mike I find myself sitting with my nose in a book. The summer is the perfect time to catch up on reading all those sweet books you’ve been putting off. So here is the A day In the Mike book list. The list comprises of books on business as well as inspirational … Continue reading

Method to the Madness:

DO NOT GO WHERE THE PATH MAY LEAD. GO INSTEAD WHERE THERE IS NO PATH & LEAVE A TRAIL The last few days in the mike have been busy, so I apologies for being away. But today in the mike I find myself asking what does it take to succeed? Success has many meanings to different people … Continue reading

M-Kesho and the Cashless Society

So previously in the mike, I called for action from entrepreneurs and the business community and I wasn’t the only one as Safaricom and Equity Bank announced their ground breaking mobile bank account M-Kesho. For those of you not in Kenya and thus unfamiliar with the Safaricom product let me bring you up to speed. M-Pesa is … Continue reading

The Fear of Idiots: Barriers to Entrepreneurship

Almost Everything we use and enjoy started with an entrepeneur… Isn’t that Amazing! Andrew King 2010 Today in the Mike I find myself engrossed in the dreams of enterprize, The people of ideas and the potential of this great country Kenya.  To the world Kenya is an exotic destination with some of the best wild life on … Continue reading

A New Age in Marketing

People see things as they are, Leaders see things as they could be…..   Today in the Mike I find myself emerged in the world of Marketing.  Up untill this point I have always been on the outside looking in on this industry that, arguably, drives all industry. And because now I sit on the inside looking out into a world that … Continue reading

A day in the Mike

Hello World, Welcome to “A day in the Mike” this will be my daily blog where I will cover all topics from: entrepreneurship Mike Moll’s Philosophies on life Marketing, Branding, Communications A little bit of technology and A whole lot of Business. The blog will also be my outlet to comment on current events and … Continue reading